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Agricultural machinery peanut harvester

Product Description

Product name

     Peanut harvester

                              How do we use this peanut harvesters

It is a machine specially used for peanut harvesting

This Peanut harvester has all those characteristics

Peanut harvester has the characteristics of smooth operation process, high operation efficiency and few underground fruit leakage

      Powered by a walk-behind tractor. It mainly harvests underground root crops such as potatoes, garlic and sweet potatoes that are planted and intercropped with the machine. It has the advantages of high harvesting efficiency, good performance, low peeling rate, simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance.

         Main structure and working principle: The main structure of the machine is composed of large frame, main shaft combination, front and rear drive shaft combination, clutch, separating chain, excavating shovel, vibrating screen and other components.

1: Automatic and neatly laying and harvesting, digging, conveying, shaking the soil and laying it at one time, saving labor

2: Crazy work efficiency, the hand-held model can harvest 3 to 5 acres per hour, and the four-wheeled model can harvest 6 to 8 acres per hour

3: Strong versatility, one machine is multi-purpose, suitable for garlic and peanuts planted in ridges, not affected by ridge width and ridge spacing, suitable for different planting modes in the country, both large-scale plots in plains and small plots in hills and mountains can be used

4. The quality of the machine, the excavating blade and transmission chain of this machine are all specially made, with high wear resistance, the general user replaces the blade once every two years, and the chain can be replaced by button, and the cost is low

5: Scientific and reasonable design, using gear and chain drive, smooth operation without power loss, can work around the clock

6: With a seedling-supporting device, you can harvest lodging and wheel-rolled peanuts and garlic

7: The depth of excavation can be adjusted. The machine is equipped with a manual depth adjustment device, which is convenient and quick.

8: Independent clutch separation system, easy to operate, simple and practical

Peanut harvester


Harvest efficient
low fruit drop rate
Easy to install
laid out neatly

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